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To post to the forum you will need to join and provide a valid e-mail address, this will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party. Using the forums indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions.

These forums are moderated.

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Terms and conditions of use:

These forums are for public use and as such Dymchurch Online and its agents take no responsibility for the content therein. Content considered distasteful, libellous or of a generally disagreeable nature, in the opinion of the moderator(s) will be removed as soon as possible.

The moderator(s) will not remove an item posted on the forum simply because another user does not agree with it. Only the author may request their own comments to be removed.

It is understood that all messages posted do not necessarily express the views of Dymchurch Online and the moderator(s). The moderator(s) will allow freedom of speech within the forums subject to the rules as stated here.

Any use of the forums that includes foul language, pornographic content, or that promotes pornography, racism, or any illegal activities in the opinion of the moderator(s), will be removed and the author could be banned from the forums permanently and without notification.

Dymchurch Online and its agents will not participate in any dispute or debate regarding articles posted to the forums

The forums are provided purely as a tool to enable members of the public to express their opinions and comments on subjects listed within the forums

It is not permitted to promote or sell goods and services using the Forums, all such material will be removed by the moderator(s)

All content within this forum remains the property of Dymchurch Online and its agents.

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